Book a room for 5 hours

As a KTV TeoHeng member, all you need is to book a karaoke room for a total of 5 hours. The best part - you don’t have to book it at once! We will record your total singing time. Once you reach the 5-hour mark, here’s what you get:

1 hour of free room time with a KTV eVoucher!

You can redeem this offer the next time you book your enjoyable karaoke session. The only catch is - you cannot utilise the free hour on the same day.



Enjoy a memorable karaoke birthday

Complimentary room for 1 hour



Sing and Dance on our BMB Sound System

Get a 5% discount on our eVoucher



Client Testimonials

“We had a medium room that can accommodates 6 & we had a blast there. It was indeed an evening filled with fun & songs! They had practically every song we can think of. Great place to destress & chill.”

Lilian Systems

“Great place for Karaoke at reasonable prices!”

Joshua Ang

“Very value-for-money karaoke place :) $60 for a big room holding 9 pax for 3 hours of singing on a weekend.

You can bring in outside food and drinks just no alcohol.

Only drawback is that the system is not updated with all of the latest songs as compared to other ktv places but overall still acceptable for the price you pay :)”

Crystal Koh

“So thankful that they are still opened~_~ Everything is the same (minus the microphones and addition of a table) so it feels nostalgic. Also, they now have board games!

Went on a weekday evening; not much crowd. Price is low, staff is friendly, what more can we ask for?”

Clara Lim







Are you and your friends based around the unforgettable Kallang Wave Mall? If yes, TeoHeng KTV is right around the corner. So, go ahead, book your slot and get grooving!

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